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Image editing with the help of vector art

There are two forms of images raster and vector images changing the taste of viewers. Offend the discussion is being made if the vector art is really a best application for image editing? We can say by searching many options vector art is much better application and it has been increasingly outstanding with the performance given in editing the image. It provides the complex techniques of image editing. But if we think technically both the images raster and vector image has its own advantage and disadvantages and it support the various applications. The good side of the raster image can be easily converted to the vector image so its best thing for the artist to make comprehensive use of the same.image vector

Before we start writing on image editing, we should know what is vector art is, it is based on mathematical statements, or commands to create image. These elements use to create shape like curve and lines in 2D or 3D spaces. They must be saved in form of sequence so they can be easily recovered and edit by the user. Manipulating the image can include the changing of the mathematical codes. Bit map images suits for natural objects, whereas vector images are used for abstract objects. Vector images can be easily scale without the losing the quality of the image. Abstract object like company maps, logos, which requires regular manipulation so it can be easily put into vector format. The process of resizing the element of the object is easy. The process of scaling the image or reduce the size of the image without losing the quality of the image or without the loss of any proportion of the image. Vector art should be using carefully because any small error in creating the image will be big issue when image will be enlarged. Vector lines may not be visible once the image reduced the maximum size.

There are great number of applications supports the vector art. It always remains the choice of the user which platform they want to use and what feature they want to use. So the choice is totally depend of the users requirements. The great results can be achieved by the extent and easy to edit them. In compare to the bitmap image, vector images the number of file storage formats are limited. The two mostly being used file formats are EPS and PEF.


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